Costume available from: Ubersoca Cruise

Really-ROGUE (Individual): Please email us at

Ready-for-the-ROGUE (Backline): $4,595 (US$735)
Includes: Backline Body Wear and Jewelled Crown

  • upgrade Bikini Bottom to Cover Up Bottom: $150 (US$24)

  • add Large Headpiece: $350 (US$56)
  • add Collar: $350 (US$56)
  • add Legs: $200 (US$32)
  • add Extra Bikini Bottom: $100 (US$16)
  • add Extra Thong: $100 (US$16)
  • add Extra Hot Shorts: $125 (US$20)
  • add ROGUE Cap (Trucker Hat): $150 (US$24)

SOLD OUT | Front-of-the-ROGUE (Frontline): $6,995 (US$1,119) 
Includes: Frontline Body Wear (Wire Bra), Frontline Backpack, and Jewelled Crown

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