If you relate to 2 or more of these, you’re destined to be
a Carnival ROGUE:

Because you want something NEW in your premium road experience. Basically, you’ve been doing this a while, and you’re ready for something different.
Because you LOVE your J’ouvert, but haven’t played in a while because the early-morning wake-up call for pretty-mas means blood-shot eyes and tired feet.
Because you play J’ouvert but want to look your BEST on Carnival Monday .
Because who REALLY wants to wake up at 2am for a make-up/hair appointment?
Because you and your girlfriends each have a different sense of style, but you want nothing more than to cross the stage together. After all, you’re a crew, and crews should stick together, even if you’re not wearing the same costume.
Because as a male, you want to cross the stage with your crew too, without a care about which section you’re in. As a ROGUE Roamer, you’re in ALL sections.
Because who wants to stop the pump, pull a blanket, and take a nap in the middle of Carnival?
Because you want to experience a modern, safe version of Monday Night Mas.
Because you love Caesar’s Army and the vibes we bring!